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The Automation Lab

We at Divor focus on building embedded systems which are used for Industrial automation and IOT. Our RND team specializes in customized solutions for your problems. Our specialization is the capability to synchronize software with hardware devices. Assembly of embedded systems are done locally to cater low-cost solutions.

We focus on solutions which are practical to your organizations through process studies and consultations with lean systems.
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Our Specilization

We are specialists in our industry
Expertise in Home automation. Integration of gesture sensors, humidity sensors, and ambient light sensors for home automation. End to end designing from Schematics, PCB routing, DFM and mechanical casing designing under FCC and CE standards. Capable of manufacturing large-scale PCBs and assembly of components under IPC standards. Expertise in ESP 32 BLE and WiFi functions and RF communications. Expertise in working with Atmel chips with Arduino IDE or without Arduino IDE (bootloader). Ability to program PIC, PLC and Atmel chipsets.
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Our Projects

Automated Scheduling Software

We are currently developing scheduling software which optimizes manufacturing through lean concepts. The software will eliminate the need for manual planning in the manufacturing field. The software is built on an AI platform enhancing its capabilities. Our first trial of the software is planned to be deployed at MAS Intimates which is one of the leading garment manufacturers in Sri Lanka.
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Machine Monitoring Systems

We have developed machine monitoring systems for the apparel industry that would record parameters of each and every machine. The data gathered through the monitoring process is then used for service optimization as well as automated control of the machine.
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Kanban Display Boards

We manufacture display boards to reflect your daily targets and current efficiencies through IOT. The data can be set to capture automatically and to display on the required area. We use LED panels to enhance visibility. The system comes with the total software and hardware package. The project is currently running at MAS Linea Intimates.
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Home and Office Automation System

We have designs for automation system products that can be embedded in your home or office. Automation systems that would switch on devices at given times and control ambient lighting. Gesture control switches to ease turning on your device. Humidity sensors, PIR sensors as well as temperature sensors integrated with a complete system to enable to fully take control of your house or office. Custom made software for each home can be designed.
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Our Awards

This is our achievements through our journey

1ST Runner-Up Best Community Empowerment Programme in Professional Service

1ST Runner-Up Best Community Empowerment Programme in Professional Service

1ST Runner-Up Best Use of Mobile Manufacturing, Storage and Logistics

1ST Runner-Up Best Use of Mobile Manufacturing, Storage and Logistics

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